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Precautionary Coronavirus Deep Cleaning & Sanitation

"Maintaining confidence of staff, clients and visitors is vital - Contact us to see how we can help you do this"

ecoSense Cleaning provides a full Precautionary Coronavirus Deep Clean Service. These cleans will keep your site as healthy as possible.  


We can also provide you with a daily cleaning schedule that provides market-leading germ control. For larger spaces, we also offer daily spot cleaning sanitisation which provides your site with the utmost level of sanitisation

Gaining the confidence of your employees in these testing times is vital.

Regular germ control can help keep staff healthy, reduce germs by 99.9999% and also help promote your brand as a proactive forward-thinking business 


Our Sanitising Cleaning includes sanitising to all touchpoints, surfaces, IT equipment, floors and is tailored to your exact site requirements.


We then carry out a full fogging service to EN1650 / EN1276 or EN14476. Please contact for full details.

We can tailor your sanitisation to your exact requirements working out of hours to not disrupt your business
Our fogging service is an add on to our germ control, during your site survey we can discuss the benefits of this for your space
Our teams are fully supervised for every clean. Every detail is worked out before we are on-site to carry out ur Precautionary Coronavirus deep cleaning service
“Our Precautionary Coronavirus deep cleaning service provides a professional germ control service that will provide you peace of mind that your business is one step ahead of your competition”
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