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Daily germ control services for business that require the highest levels of assurance

"Not every business can work remotely or afford to have staff working from home, ecoSense provide the highest levels of daily Coronavirus and germ control services.

ecoSense Coronavirus Task teams will carry out daily, 6 hourly or even hourly germ removal from bespoke areas within your premises.

We are currently providing this service for high profile clients where they require the highest possible level of germ control.

Not every business can operate with staff working remotely and the loss of business and productivity is huge. By investing in providing your workforce with a healthy environment you can retain the confidence and respect from the people that matter, your staff.

We will tailor our schedule to your exact requirements and can work to ensure IT equipment is sanitised during lunch breaks, our teams will work in the background with total respect for your employees working space.

We can tailor your sanitisation to your exact requirements working out of hours to not disrupt your business
Our fogging service is an add on to our germ control, during your site survey we can discuss the benefits of this for your space
Our teams are fully supervised for every clean. Every detail is worked out before we are on-site to carry out ur Precautionary Coronavirus deep cleaning service
“Our Precautionary Coronavirus deep cleaning service provides a professional germ control service that will provide you peace of mind that your business is one step ahead of your competition”
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