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School Cleaning 'Fair Price for Schools'

If you don’t already have a well-developed cleaning contractor in place, it can be hard to achieve a clean school and meet the hygienic standards required. ecoSense Cleaning has launched our 'Fair Price for Schools' Campaign that offers £1000 savings over a year.

Bringing in a professional school cleaning contractor will also make your job easier by streamlining the cleaning process and delivering these key benefits.

A Better Environment for Learning

Of all the advantages of cleanliness in schools, maximising the student learning experience remains the most important. Studies show that dirty facilities harm classroom performance. Students maintain higher grades in cleaner educational environments.

More Productive Teaching

Your school serves as your teachers’ workplace, and they deserve to look forward to each new day. They perform their jobs better when they aren’t distracted by substandard surroundings. Teachers are more productive when they interact with children in healthy, clean classrooms.

Fewer Absences and Sick Days

Maintaining cleanliness in your school helps reduce student absences and teacher sick days. A cleaning contractor that has the knowledge to use the correct product will reduce the risk of cross-contamination and the spread of germs.

Increased Facilities Performance

This advantage is often overlooked, but it’s a money-saving benefit that quickly adds up over terms. ecoSesne offer services that cover air ducts, air conditioning filter cleaning, kitchen equipment cleaning, Kitchen drain maintenance and waste removal. Bringing all these services under one umbrella will save money, reduce administration and provide a consistent service across our school.

A Healthier School Building

Spring, summer and winter breaks provide ideal opportunities for deep school cleaning. This approach backs up daily and monthly routines with projects like steam cleaning carpets, stripping floors and clearing out air duct systems. The entire building benefits from a healthier indoor environment that stays comfortable year-round and helps reduce respiratory problems for everyone on site.

A Shared Sense of School Pride

The cleanliness of school surroundings makes a difference in how students feel about their school. Clean classrooms, hallways and cafeterias inspire everyone to pitch in and keep the building in top shape. That shared sense of school pride results in a vibrant campus that reflects the positive values so important to a successful learning experience.


A good cleaning company will provide a bespoke training system for the cleaners working within your school that is under constant review. ecoSense provide Market leading onsite training to onsite and also have the benefit of our dedicated online Academy that provides on the go training to our staff.


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