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4 Important Cleaning Issues in Leisure Cleaning and How to Fix Them

Cleaning health clubs, gyms and leisure centres aren’t similar to cleaning any other business – it’s a completely different animal! It’s not just everyday cleanliness and hygiene that you hope for, instead it’s something much more. There is no doubt that a first good impression is above all important for all kinds of business, however, when you are talking about the fitness industry, customers are much more concerned than a shiny covering – it’s their health. It doesn’t take customers a split second to leave due to poor cleaning standards. That’s why leisure centres and gyms have to be extra careful when it comes to cleaning their premises.

Here are the 4 important cleaning issues that many leisure centres and gym struggle with:

1. Cleaning Showers

Have you ever noticed the pinky/orange slime that covers guttering, low-level areas and the grouting? Wondered what it is? That slime is merely the residue from body fat. No matter how disgusting that might sound, it is important that you can rid of it before you start to lose out on customers. Showers take a lot of battering since they are used multiple times during the day. So how do you resolve this cleaning issue? Quite simple, hire a professional leisure cleaning company that uses state-of-the-art equipment and eco-friendly cleaning products that are anti-bacterial and guarantees to clean all types of slime, limescale and body fat.

2. Sauna & Steam Room

How frequently do you check your sauna and steam room for any signs of slime and dirt? The best time to check is once the heat has been turned off and the environment is warm yet comfortable. Check under the seats, the walls at head level, the roof and between the seat grooves. You will instantly see the same pinky/orange slime that comprises body fat. Before you gross out your members, it is important that you deal with the situation proactively. Cleaning such areas requires different techniques and products. You will need to apply a strong acidic cleaner, which will remove limescale and a mild anti-bacterial that will create a fresh and fragrant environment.

3. Poolside

One of the most important things to consider when cleaning a pool is making sure that the pH level isn’t influenced by the use of a cleaning product. Generally, tiles surrounding the pool gather limescale or dark discolouration over time. This can be easily removed by using a liner and tile cleaner. Rather than doing it yourself, hire a professional leisure cleaning company who has years of experience and knowledge of cleaning poolside surround.

4. Changing Areas & Washrooms

In order to keep changing areas and washrooms clean it all boils down to how frequently these areas are used and when is it convenient for you to call in a team of leisure cleaners to have these areas cleaned. A professional cleaning company will address all your needs and devise an effective cleaning schedule to get these areas cleaned without disrupting the daily routine.


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