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cleanTEK Cleaning Innovation

ecoSense Cleaning have created and own a truly unique and innovative cleaning management , training, communication, compliant system called cleanTEK

cleanTEK enables ecoSense Cleaning to instantly communicate with every member of staff across all of our sites. We can communicate using every form of media from pictures, videos and text. Not only does this allow us to get exact information to all of our staff within seconds it has unlimited benefits when working on multiple site and national contracts.

cleanTEK allows us to provide daily training in all subjects we feel will improve our staffs knowledge and ultimately provide our clients with a better service. Training can be on cleaning , customer facing skills, first aid, security or health and Safety, the subjects are limitless. We can even deliver site specific training to multiple sites at the request of clients.

Storing all of the required documents( risk assessments - COSHH - training documents etc) on-site can be a problem for every cleaning company. It would be impossible for a company to say that their files are up to date every day. Some of the problems companies face are that these files can be soiled, misplaced or take time to be updated. cleanTEK allows ecoSense cleaning to provide our clients with 100% peace of mind that every second of every day all of our documents are 100% up to date and accessible ad transparent to both clients and staff.

Monitoring staff over multiply site contracts is a problem and many companies rely on using pen and paper. ecoSense know that this doesn't work and have incorporated the most advanced fail proof system for tracking and recording our staff time whilst onsite. The system we use is by far the most advanced system ever to be used within the cleaning sector. This now means we can instantly see when staff login at work, when they are late, leave early and these problems can be dealt with immediately. This is particularly useful when working with clients who have national coverage and those contracts that require a large number of staff.

Staff employed by cleaning companies can often feel like they are not part of the company and just left onsite to do their work, cleanTEK enables our staff to see every single document they need. They can fully manage all of their contracts, payslips, holday forms, pensions instantly with out the need to have to search , call or contact offices for this information. All of our policies are instantly viewable to every member of staff.

cleanTEK has a lot more to offer and with our support structure and professional attitude we can provide our clients an excellent, thorough and compliant service like no other service ever received.

Give us a call today and arrange for a demonstration and see for yourself how ecoSense and cleanTEK can benefit you.

Tel: 0800 859 6376

CleanTEK and ecoSense will provide your Leisure Cleaning Shop Cleaning Retail Cleaning Stadium Cleaning School Cleaning Contract with amazing resultsYour Wix Blog comes with 8 beautiful layouts. From your blog's settings, choose the layout that’s right for you. For example, a tiled layout is popular for helping visitors discover more posts that interest them. Or, choose a classic single column layout that lets readers scroll down and see your post topics one by one.

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