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Coronavirus Deep Cleaning

ecoSense Cleaning provide a full 'Deep Clean' Sanitation to sites that have had to close due to following Public Health England guidelines.

Our Sanitising 'Deep Cleans' ensure all touch areas ( including site fixtures, equipment etc), walls, surfaces and floors are Fully Sanitised, Each site will have a bespoke deep clean schedule to follow. The area will then be fogged using a EN1650 / EN1276 or EN14476  Sanitiser. These cleans will be backed up with a full report showing Pictures/ Videos, details of the operatives, what was carried out, times of works, PPE used, chemicals used and all signed off by a Supervising member of staff.

FOGGING - This process works by filling an area with a fine mist that can vary  from 5 - 50 micron particles (1 micron = 1 millionth of a metre or 1 thousandth of a millimetre. 1mm = 1 thousandth of a metre). These particles being so small, remain suspended in the air long enough to kill some of the airborne viral or bacterial contamination, but as the particles settle onto all surfaces, even the ones never touched by conventional cleaning, the biocide continues to kill any surface contamination and more importantly prevents any future cross contamination.

Due to high demand we have decided to provide a Pre-booking service for all Coronavirus Deep Cleans. Clients on this list will be given priority on Deep Clean bookings. Please contact us to inquire about being included on this list. If you're already a ecoSense Client, don't worry you're already on this list.

Including New Clients on our lists also speeds up the Deep Cleans being booked in.

To carry out a Deep Clean Booking or a to be included on our Pre-Booking Client list please email and one of our team will get back to you.


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