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Antimicrobial Coatings? 90 Day Protection?

at ecoSense we pride ourselves on being at the cutting edge of all cleaning technology and we now offer a 90-day Surface protection via a microbial Coating that can be applied to any surface.

The coating doesn’t just instantly kill existing germs, it actively protects against their existence for up to 90 days at a time by providing nano spikes that instantly break down cell walls terminating the pathogen.

This service is fully certified and we use the most tested antimicrobial product on the market.

Nanospike technology inhibits germs from living and growing on a surface, reducing the chance for them to adapt.

The utilisation of our tested technology creates a healthier environment for your employees, your customers and all visitors, without the use of harmful chemicals. This protection provides people with peace of mind and restores confidence in your premises

We also list your business on the IRSP ( Independent Surface Protection Register ) for complete transparency.

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