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ecoSense Cleaning Services

ecoSense Team cleaned just over 182.000 windows nationwide in 2018.


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“All window cleaning is carried out by experienced, friendly operatives that live locally and comply with all aspects of Health and Safety legislation.”

Our Water-Fed Pole technology is efficient, cost effective and safe. Purified water is sprayed through a soft bristle brush removing dirt and impurities. The water is then left to evaporate leaving a spotless finish.

We provide daily, weekly and monthly window cleaning services
Windows can be cleaned up to heights of 65ft (20m) by an operative working at ground level minimising damage to buildings, reducing disturbances to the occupants & accessing difficult to reach areas.
We are fully compliant with Health & Safety legislation.
“Since 2014 we have retained 97% of our customers! Our professional window cleaners are dedicated to achieving 100% satisfaction.”
Hotels window cleaning | Shops window cleaning | Schools window cleaning | Colleges window cleaning | Universities window cleaning | Leisure Centers window cleaning | Offices window cleaning | Car Dealerships window cleaning | Council Buildings window cleaning | Entertainment and Sports Venues window cleaning | Housing Associations window cleaning | Nursing Homes window cleaning.
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