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ecoSense Cleaning Services

Nationwide Specialist Large Space Cleaning Services


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“We train & deploy great numbers of Event Cleaning staff each year and know that offsite Pre Event training and briefing are essential to a smooth running event. Our Training Academy allows us to create bespoke visual training modules leading up to your event date.”

Whether you are hosting an event for 500 people or 50,000, we’ll provide you with a clean and hygienic venue. We are leaders in leisure, events and stadium cleaning services and stop at nothing to deliver unrivalled cleaning services to the people who matter most in your business – your guests.

We believe cleanliness being one of the factors contributing to and events satisfaction
Our Event Managers have years of experience in working alongside your events. They will be your one point of contact through the entire build-up and venue hand over
We ensure Health & Safety, efficient event communication, specific staff training, remote staff monitoring and dedicated event management is all taken care of and are Transparent so you have peace of mind on the build-up to your event.
“ecoSense will provide your Venue with the highest cleaning and hygiene standards.”
Risk asessment | large crowd safety compliance | washroom services| Structural management | live staff attendance monitoring system | Bespoke Cleaning Procedures | Concession stands cleaning.
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