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Professional, Reliable Event Cleaning

At ecoSense we offer expert event cleaning to indoor and outdoor corporate and public events all year round.

No matter how big your event is - from concerts, race meets to corporate events, huge festivals and everything in between - our professionally managed cleaners are on hand to here to help.

We provide Pre and Post event cleaning, VIP Area teams, Waste Management, Washroom maintenance and Consumables, Litter picking services and toilet attendants.

Events can generate high traffic and can require a deep but fast clean to ensure that the venue can return to a clean environment for the next guest in the shortest time possible. We will ensure that this turnaround is completed in a short space of time by using our expertise, modern methods & professional equipment.

Why not see what eoSense can do for your upcoming event by calling 08005677830 to speak to one of our specialist Event Team.


ecoSense Event Cleaning


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