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At ecoSense we lead the way with innovation, We don't rely on paper forms, paper checklist or paper sign-in sheets. These type of onsite management provide outdated, unorganised and inefficient management of remote workers

Over the last two years, we have worked to develop a market-leading Staff App that allows us to manage our remote workers like never seen before. We will guarantee that what we can provide your business will massively outperform your current service for the exact same cost.

Our staff App provides our staff and clients with information that allows us to provide a market-leading service that provides unrivalled compliance.

Communicating with remote working staff was always very difficult but with our Staff App its like we have managers onsite every day.

We can adapt every area of our APP to create a bespoke APP for each client as every area within the APP is tagged so only staff working at your site can see your information.

Below is a small snapshot of what our APP provides.

Why not see how ecoSense can provide your business with the service it deserves


We can track exact locations of staff clock in and outs, staff can only clock in when they are actually at their working site meaning zero room for incorrect time clock entries. We have also just developed an automatic clock in and out system that auto clocks out staff if they leave your building.


We can instantly communicate with all staff at the touch of a button and this has proved an invaluable tool with Covid-19 related information being sent out swiftly and consistently to all our workforce.

We have also developed a geofenced messaging system that allows us to send a message to a GPRS point so every member of staff that enters your building/site receives the message


Our Digital checklists have proved essential in providing our clients with never before seen daily reports on as many sites a day as you require. These reports include site pictures, bespoke information, daily site inspections. They can be tailored to your exact business requirements. With this information we can ensure exact standards, SLA and site information is recorded in exact detail.


Learning on the go has never before been so important and in conjunction with our Training Academy, we can develop bespoke training videos for clients that provide our staff with instant and ongoing training.

Everything on our APP is tagged so it means we can create an individual client based App that only shows information based on the sites they work at.


We can also send messages to a exact GPRS point rather than to all staff. This means that when staff walk into your building they get the message that relates to your site. This has proven work very well and all staff have commented that it provides them with information at the time they require it.


As a responsible employer ecoSense understands the importance of employees having direct access to employment information. policies and relevant staff information at any time. Everything is available on our APP for staff to review at any time.


The route planner section is so helpful; for staff. It provides them with the quickest, cheapest route home based on their location. It instantly updates staff if there is a quicker way home due to a road closure, This has proven essential when we have been faced with Transport strikes and ensured every site is fully staffed in these circumstances

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