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Reduce your Cleaning Budget while Increasing Standards

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

At ecoSense we understand business are looking at reducing overheads and cleaning services are often looked at. You may be looking at reducing your cleaning hours, Reducing the days cleaned or even cancelling this service altogether.


ecoSense believe we can reduce your cleaning budget without reducing any of the above. Often your traditional cleaning company provide lots of onsite overheads that increase their overall cost. They have high product costs, high recruitment costs, they rely on onsite clunky management.

ecoSense provide innovative solutions that enable us to minimise these onsite overhead costs via direct to manufacturer supply chains, innovative recruitment channels, MArket leading staff app that provides daily supervision to a much higher standard than traditional management.

ecoSense are confident that we can reduce your overall monthly spend on cleaning services and Janitorial products. Why not fill in our quick quote calculator to find out what we can do.


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