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Surfaces protected for 90 days using NanoSpike Technology 

"invisible bacteria and virus protection providing you and your business with the highest standard of certified virus protection"

Our fully trained and certified team will apply the treatment of the Antimicrobial NanoSpike Technology.

This protective layer is not removed by regular commercial cleaning or disinfecting,  providing an additional one micron of safety and confidence between cleaning cycles.


Unlike disinfectant, Nanospike's treatment continues to work even after being touched for up to 90 days.


They are designed to work in conjunction with your usual cleaning regime to create an inhospitable environment for germs, bacteria and viruses including Coronavirus.

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The Application of the product is via our adapted electrostatic cleaning machines which dispense a very fine mist which attaches to all surfaces, leaving a coating of activeNanospikes 
After the installation of the Antimicrobial coating, the business location is listed on the independent Surface Protection Registry for complete transparency 
Our teams are fully certified to carry out this service and receive regular training, they also use cutting edge machinery
“ecoSense provides its clients with an innovative cleaning solution that allow you to concentrate on your business while we ensure you, your employees and clients have complete peace of mind that your premises has been sanitised to the highest standards”
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