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Why not ask about our 'Fair Price for Schools' Campaign


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“We encourage regular meetings with school management to maintain close communication with all parties. ecoSense have also launched our 'Fair Price for Schools' Campaign where your school could save £1000s per year”

We believe in providing schools with the pricing structure to ensure that not only do you receive the best value contract but also retain the high levels service levels you should be receiving. On average schools pay over 100% mark up on consumable costs like toilet rolls, Hand Soap, Rubbish bags and other consumable cleaning items. ecoSense have direct supply chain saving schools £1000's per year

ecoSense School Cleaners are taught to understand exactly how teachers and pupils like to find their clean classroom each morning.
In the early stages of cleaning your school, we would ask to meet the teacher to find out exactly what their expectations are.
With closer supervision and more hands on management we try to appreciate different teachers’ quirks and habits, so that we can accommodate them accordingly.
“Our Fair Price for School Campaign will ensure you are paying the lowest prices for cleaning and consumables while still maintaining a high standard of service across your school”
All Staff CRB checked | use of eco-friendly chemicals | use of latest technology to cut down cleaning time | exceptional cleaning standards daily | discounted rate for out of term time cleaning
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