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ecoSense Cleaning Services

Community, Communication & Service Quality Management.


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" ecoSense have developed a 'LIVE' comment sheet for residents to use and to see when work has been completed. Every site has a site Dashboard that is available via an APP. Innovative Communal Cleaning "

Residents can see exactly whats services ecoSense have been carrying out via their own block APP. They can also view a 'LIVE' comment sheet. Residents can be confident that the services they pay for are delivered, Landlords can make checks from anywhere in the world. Property Managers can relax knowing that ecoSense are providing exactly what we say

We work collaboratively with our Property Manager partners to deliver innovative services that provide a market leading service. Our Block Dashboards enable a transparency for residents like never seen before.
At ecoSense we understand the necessity for a contract financial sustainability and the need to be environmentally friendly. All our contracts are designed with the flexibility required to deliver the job.
We know it is as much about integrating with the local community as it is about providing the communal cleaning service. Therefore, we ‘localise’ our services by researching the needs of different residents.
“Our mission is to provide a clean and healthy environment for tenants and the public across our Local Authority tenders.”
Estate cleaning and caretaking services | Communal Cleaning | Estate monitoring and guarding | Graffiti removal | Bulk refuse clearance | Void property cleaning.
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